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AIS  Gallery

Founded in Shibukawa City, Gunma Prefecture in 2007


A rt I nstitute S hibukawa

Art Institute Shibukawa was established in 2007 in the Tanaka Art Program , an art prep school, as a place to specialize in learning and practicing contemporary art.

For those who aim to be artists and curators, lessons only for talking , holding solo exhibitions, planning and managing exhibitions, and presided over by professor Atsuo Fukuda, without giving lectures to cultivate not only skills but also thinking ability to cONCEPT sPACE (concept space) to overseas artists invited for the exhibition, we have participated in the class as a really special lecturer. Despite being in a small local city, we are promoting unique international activities.

Also, since 2008, Edinburgh College of Art (eca), Manchester College of Art (MMU), Dusseldorf Kunst Academy

We are promoting an exchange program in partnership with such companies.

AIS Special lecturer

Alain Johnston (SCT) / Elene Ferio Otani (FRA) / Masahide Otani (JPN) / Olivier Rousse (FRA) /

Caroline Moruson (FRA) / Gerold Miller (DEU) / Chantal Rage (FRA) / Daniel Getin (CHE) / Tillman (ITA) /

Tom Benson (ENG) / Pyotr Samoyski (DEU) / Houb van der Lo (NLD) /

Martin Gerwards (DEU) / Michal Skoda (CZE) / Roger Acking (ENG) / Yoshihiko Kitano (JAN) /

Carl Andre (USA) / Julia Martin (DEU) / Miriam Walsh (IRL) / David Cornean (END) /

Michael Asher (USA) / Jan Marten Boskill (NLD) / Atsushi Suwa (JPN) / Jan van der Purf (NLD)

Matthew Tyson (FRA) / Noboru Takayama (JAN) / Carlin Lind (DNK) / Andreas Karl Schulze (DEL) /

Eric Krukshank (SCT) / Michael Greve (DEU) / Richard Dunne (AUS) / John Beach (USA) /

Donald Arkwards (SCT) / Cecil Andrew (JAN) / Eiji Watanabe (JAN) / Yasuko Otani (JAN) / Fumihiko Sumitomo (JAN) /

Christoph Dauhausen (DEU) / Peter Holm (DNK) / Simon Morris (AUS) / Gerda Meise (CHE) / Masao Shirakawa (JAN) /

Martina Klein (DEU) / Leto Emihu (CHE) / Sasaguchi Number (JAN) / Sabo Deju (HUN) / Arfard Forgo (HUN) /

Linda Carrara (ITA) / Victoria Quaroshi (AUS) / Pinter Gabor (HUN) / Eiji Suzue (JAN) /

Nadia Gerroy (BEL) / Kenji Yanagi (JAN) / Katsuhito Nishikawa (JAN) / Natsuo Hashimoto (JAN) / Jeff + Erie Lucas (SCT) /

Hideo Shimada (JAN) / Maybon • Naoko (SCT) / Gerhard Richter (DEU)

AIS gallery

Opened at the same time as the establishment in 2007.

We are planning not only AIS exhibitions but also artist exhibitions both domestically and internationally. The unique black space covered with iron plates

The material and the location condition of semi-basement stimulate the artist and originality.An overflowing exhibition is being held.

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